The Magazine of the HEC Lausanne Alumni Association


President's editorial - Edition 96

Dear Alumni

It is always with great pleasure that I take the keyboard for these few lines at the opening of Alumzine, your online magazine. This edition looks back on the numerous activities of the Association and the Faculty (consult the “Inside the Faculty” section). 2023 was even richer than the previous year thanks to the efforts of our office team in Dorigny, Ambassadors in Clubs in Switzerland and around the world, as well as members of the Committee who made it possible to offer you more than 60 events! And this applies to the whole span of our members: both young recent graduates and more experienced Alumni, or even now retirees. This is one of the dimensions that makes our organization great: giving all generations of Alumni the opportunity to meet each other to celebrate this common bond represented by obtaining a diploma from the HEC Faculty from the University of Lausanne!

I hope that you took advantage of it this year or that I will have made you eager to discover more through our 2024 program, which also promises to be very dynamic. In particular with the support of the HEC Faculty and the HEC Foundation, your Association is launching a new program aimed at highlighting the role of HEC Lausanne as “Pioneers since 1911” in the regional, national and international economic and academic worlds.

All this would not be possible without the intense commitment of our colleagues from the Association office, the student assistants delegated by the Faculty as well as the volunteer Club Ambassadors, Mentors and Committee members. A big THANK YOU to them all.

All this work aimed at keeping the link with HEC alive deserves the recognition of all of us. On this occasion I would also like to warmly thank the members who show their support through their contribution in the form of the annual membership: in fact our Association remains independent and therefore depends mainly on these many drops (100.- francs each) which feed the great river of our activities and allow us to sustainably pursue our mission of maintaining the link between Alumni and the HEC Faculty, of supporting and welcoming young new student members and of contributing to the visibility of the HEC Faculty .

To find out more about what awaits you in the New Year, take a look at the article by Laetitia, our Director, which I hope will stimulate your appetite for more.

I would like to herby address to you and your loved ones my very Best Wishes for 2024!