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2024 - The Association exists for you and is counting on you !

 Support us, participate in our activities, take advantage of our services and get involved so that we can continue to contribute to the notoriety and to the international reach of HEC Lausanne in a more long-lasting way.

2023 was very active and, as usual, many activities, conferences, webinars, afterworks, parties and other get-togethers were held throughout the year in Lausanne and around the world.  In 2024, we will continue to animate this exceptional network, whether through our traditional activities to create networking opportunities or through our Clubs around the world thanks to our volunteer Ambassadors (a big thank you to them!).

Take a look back at 2023 through these retrospective articles.

Life of the network - 2023 second semester

Life of the network - 2023 first semester

But 2023 was also a complicated year financially – 2024 be more than ever a pivotal year. Our revenues are declining and we will not be able to continue for much longer. We have already taken cost reduction measures, including the difficult decision of reducing our work force in the central office, and have activelly seeked out opportunities to increase our income. In parallel, we are working on our future positioning and strategy, amongst others with HEC. We need to ensure the continuity of your Association and we need you!

Support us!

Everyone who has obtained a degree from HEC Lausanne, whether it be a Licence, Bachelor, Master, PhD, EMBA or even a CAS or DAS, is automatically part of the HEC Lausanne Alumni community, comprising 14,000 members in over 70 countries. An incredible network!

Pay your membership fee!

Become active today, support your Association by paying your annual membership fee of CHF 100.00 (CHF 50.00 for those not in gainful employment). Taking into account that the annual fees represent more than 80% of the Association’s income, we count on you and thank you in advance for your support.

Become a contributing Member 2024

The other source of income for the Association is our partners. The HEC Faculty, our institutional partner, and Maurice Lacroix, our long-time partner, have confirmed their continued support in 2024 and we warmly thank them. A new partner should be joining us in 2024 as well.

If you wish to associate and/or promote your company to the HEC Alumni, do not hesitate to contact usDifferent partnership options exist and we want all collaborations, big or small, to be win-win for everyone.

Get involved!

Although our Association is managed operationally by an « office » of two people, Candice Richardet and yours truly and supported by two student assistants provided gracefully by HEC, the four of us represent only 1.4 full-time equivalents.  To manage the organization and communication on all our services and activities - considering that some of them are not always visible to our members, such as our involvement in school rating, graduations, and others, I dare to say that, even with all the will in the world, we are running "lean" and are too often have to "choose our battles".

THANKFULLY we can count on all our volunteers! Committee membersClub Ambassadors, Mentors, auditors, writers and proofreaders of articles for this Magazine, speakers,...,  at the forefront or in the background, the Association would not exist without them. MANY THANKS!

What about you? Why not get involved in the Association? Whatever your availability, your geographical location, your expertise or your desires may be, contact us!

Participate !

One of our missions is to animate your network. To do so, we organize various events enabling encounters and exchanges such as conferences, afterworks, company visits, parties, golf tournaments, etc. Come and meet or reconnect with other Graduates, take part in the activities that we organize, this network is an asset, take advantage of it.

See the agenda

And do not hesitate to share your ideas for events, around Lake Geneva or elsewhere.

The HEC Lausanne Alumni Association exists for you and thanks to you!
We look forward to seeing you throughout the year and thank you for your support.

Laetitia Fatio



Members of the Committee following the 2023 graduation celebrations ©Sébastien Monachon